Planet Poultry will once again have a sales table at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in the Poultry Pavilion from Thursday 26/03/2015 to Monday 06/04/2015 Inclusive.  Drop in and see us there!

Please note that any online orders made during the period from 22/03/2015 through to 10/04/2015 maybe delayed for a couple of days whilst we are travelling and at the show.

We have also taken some products off of the site during this time as it is difficult to keep the stock quantities up to date whilst we are at the show (eg. leg bandettes).  If you require any of this items and can't find them on our site, please email us and we can give you details of what are available.  Thanks


Welcome to Planet Poultry

Planet Poultry is one of Australia's leading suppliers of Poultry related products to backyard fowl enthusiasts and show fowl fanciers.

Planet Poultry offers a large range of Poultry Accessories, Equipment, Drinkers, Feeders, Poultry Medications and Supplements.

Owners - Col (AKA The Gnome) & Debbie McCall have over 35 years experience with successfully breeding and showing fowls, we will provide a wide range of products from the budget to the more expensive.

We will endeavour to provide excellent service and assistance wherever possible in your poultry requirements.

'Keeping fowls is not a matter of life or death, It is more serious than that!'