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Poultry Feeder 1kg

Feeder for poultry - 1 kg. High quality plastic is UV stabilised. Can also be used as a waterer.

From $7.00

Feeder - Suspension 1.5kg (Chicken)

Suspension feeder, Quality Plastic. Suitable for crumbles or grain. Holds 1.5kg feed. Feeder - Suspension Feeder, Feed container, Poultry, fowl, bantam, chook, chicken, chicks, hen.


Feeder - Suspension 3kg (Chicken)

Suspension feeder that incorporates a wing nut adjuster for feed flow which gives a wide range of optimum feed flow depending on the feed or grain in the container. Feeder trough has segregations to reduce losses from birds... (More info - click picture)


30cm Feeder Tray Metal (Holes)

Galvanised feeder with slide on top. 30cm Galvanised chick feeder with holes to reduce feed spillage. Ridged top to deter perching which slides off for easy cleaning. Stands on 2" legs to avoid contamination. Easy to Clean! 30cm Feeder Tray Metal - Hole


Feed Scoop 2 litre

Feed Scoop. The stackable design makes storage easy and the flat edge allows you to scoop to the bottom. 2 litre scoop handles 1 kg of dry feed. Red; White; Blue; Purple; Orange; Yellow.

From $8.50