Breeding for success / Grant Brereton

This book, 'Breeding For Success' by Grant Brereton, has the primary aim of making the reader a better stocksperson, and to serve as a guide for disciplined and successful breeding - whether this be for exhibition or simply improvement purposes.


The Chicken Health Handbook

The Chicken Health Handbook / Gail Damerow. If you keep chickens and only buy one book this should be it! Whether you keep half a dozen or 500 fowls this book is written in language that can be understood by the layperson. This book covers the problems


The Chicken Encyclopedia

The chicken encyclopedia / by Gail Damerow. The A-Z Chicken Companion. From addled to wind egg, crossed beak to zygote, if it concerns chickens, it's covered in this comprehensive encyclopedia. Now you can find the answers to all your chicken questions


A Guide To Better Hatching 2012 edition

A Guide to Better Hatching Revised Edution (2012) / Janet Stromberg. A Guide to Better Hatching has detailed information on eggs and incubation, including factors to promote successful hatch, care and selection of eggs... (More info - click picture)


Sexing All fowls, Baby chicks, Game Birds, Cage Bi

Sexing all fowl, baby chicks, game birds, cage birds / Loyl Stromberg This has long been considered the most helpful book ever published on determining the sex of adults and chicks of many species of fowl, game birds, and cage birds. A worthwhile addition


Under the microscope

Under the microscope : microscope use and pathogen identification in birds and reptiles / Danny Brown This book provides basic training in microscope use and pathogen identification for those wanting to take control of the potential health problems .It wi