British Game Fowl / Ian Kay

"British Game Fowl" by Ian Kay covers the history and development of Game Fowl in the UK. From the birds brought to the shores by the Romans and Phoenicians, early cockfighting and Game Fowl Clubs, through to the current exhibition breeds of Modern, Corni


The Best of "Fulldrop" : The writings of

The Best of "Fulldrop" : the writings of E. T. Piper 2004 Revised Edition. This 388 page very beautifully bound hardback contains many writings of the late E.T. Piper (FULLDROP), editor and owner of the Feathered Warrior magazine from 1935 to 1964.


"Game" as Ned Kelly / by David Holden

"Game" as Ned Kelly / By David Holden. This is David's second book on Old English Game Fowl. David talks about the history Old English Game Fowl in Australia, talks about what is the ideal fowl, discusses the cone shape... click on title to see more


Game Chickens and How to Breed Them by Tan Bark

Game Chickens & How to Breed Them (Tan Bark). Reprinted by The Feathered Warrior. 60 pages. Softcover.


Game fowl colour guide / by Owen Dickey

The Game fowl colour guide / by Owen Dickey. The definitive reference guide to all the colours found in Game Fowl. Varieties dealt with are Irish, English and American, though the colour descriptions are equally applicable to Carlisle, Modern and Old Eng


Malays, Game Fowls & Bantams in Australia / A.

Malays, Game Fowls and Bantams in Australia by A.J. Compton. Reprinted by Keith Dubber Printing 2001. This book was first published in 1898. It was written by one of Australia's greatest Game men, Albert James Compton.


Old English Game Colour Guide / Dr J Batty

Old English Game Colour Guide / Dr J. Batty. Hardcover book setting out to show the principal colours from a variety of sources - paintings by well known artists as well as photographs from Britain, USA, Australasia and other lands.


Scientific Breeding of Gamefowl / by Floyd Gurley

The Scientific Breeding of Gamefowl (Floyd Gurley) Breeding gamefowl the correct way is explained in this 128 page paper back written by famous gamefowl breeder Floyd Gurley in collaboration with John J. Roman.


Rare Poultry Breeds / David Scrivener

Rare Poultry Breeds / David Scrivener. This book provides a fully detailed reference guide to virtually every rare breed that is likely to be encountered by poultry fanciers and covers the rarest, most obscure and, in a few cases, even extinct breeds of


Storeys Illustrated Guide To Poultry Breeds

Storeys Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds / Carol Ekarius. Presents more than 128 fowl from chickens & turkeys to emus & pheasants. Readers will find color photographs, a brief history and a detailed description. Identifying characteristics included are