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Poultry Drinker - 2.5l ball type with legs

Quality plastic waterer suitable for small or large chickens/hens.This modelhas 3 extendable legs to adjust the height for as your chickens grow. When the legs are fully extended, less rubbish will be scratched....(More Info - click picture)


Feeder - Suspension 3kg (Chicken)

Suspension feeder that incorporates a wing nut adjuster for feed flow which gives a wide range of optimum feed flow depending on the feed or grain in the container. Feeder trough has segregations to reduce losses from birds... (More info - click picture)


Compound action Chicken Toe Punch (identification

Compound action chicken toe punch. For identification purposes as a means of keeping a pedigree stock records. Chickens can be individually marked to identify their parents. Stainless steel; has a lever to deliver a precise punched hole.