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Nipple Drinker Vertical (Poultry / Chicken / choo

Ideal for line drinkers, easy to use, nipple movement is vertical up and down, more suited for adult birds. Automatic works best on gravity fed line. Requires low water pressure. Unit has security lock which means .. (More info - click picture)


Stainless Steel Nipple Drinker (Poultry)

Very small push-operated drip stainless steel nipple drinker with 1/8" gas thread. Closed by water pressure only. No spring or O-ring. length 40mm. All stainless Steel... (More info - click picture)


Pipe saddle for PVC (for nipple waterers)

Pipe Saddle for PVC pipe. Compatible saddles for attachment of 1/8" gas thread fittings, such as our plastic Water Nipple drinkers. Drill a 12mm hole in PVC pipe as required (may need to drill slightly bigger).... (More info - click picture)

From $1.00

Clip bracket with angle nipple holder

Clipbracket with angle nipple holder . Suitable for rabbits and chickens. Designed to clip on and is suitable only for low water pressure.... Nipple not included. (More info - click picture)


Screw bracket nipple holder

Screw bracket nipple holder. Designed to screw on and is suitable only for low water pressure. Nipple not included. Thread is suitable for lubing nipple waterers and auto cup nipple waterers listed on our web. .. (More info - click picture)


D Cage Cup Waterer (Poultry / Chicken)

Handy cage drinker. Also good to take with you to shows and maintain hygiene for your birds. Great for water or feed... (More info - click picture)

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