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Poultry Feeder 1kg

Feeder for poultry - 1 kg. High quality plastic is UV stabilised. Can also be used as a waterer.

From $7.00

Feeder - Suspension 1.5kg (Chicken)

Suspension feeder, Quality Plastic. Suitable for crumbles or grain. Holds 1.5kg feed. Feeder - Suspension Feeder, Feed container, Poultry, fowl, bantam, chook, chicken, chicks, hen.


Feeder - Suspension 3kg (Chicken)

Suspension feeder that incorporates a wing nut adjuster for feed flow which gives a wide range of optimum feed flow depending on the feed or grain in the container. Feeder trough has segregations to reduce losses from birds... (More info - click picture)


Feed Scoop 2 litre

Feed Scoop. The stackable design makes storage easy and the flat edge allows you to scoop to the bottom. 2 litre scoop handles 1 kg of dry feed. Red; White; Blue; Purple; Orange; Yellow.

From $8.50