Cleaning / Disinfectants

Cleaning and disinfectants for backyard chicken and show poultry. Delivered Australia wide! Planet Poultry - Australia's leading supplier of poultry accessories and equipment.

Sani-Chick 1 litre

SANI-CHICK is a colour indicating germicide for the Poultry Industry. It acts rapidly and will assist in killing most pathogenic bacteria, fungal spores, moulds and viruses, including Salmonella pullorum, and M. Tuberculosis... (More info - click picture)


F10SC Veterinary Disinfectant 200ml

Biodegradable multipurpose disinfectant for all hard surfaces, equipment, and airspaces. Pack Size: 200 ml F10SC Veterinary Disinfectant Disinfectant. ... (More info - click picture)


Aviclens (Disinfectant - Vetafarm)

Keeps drinking water sparkling clean fresh and safe. Aviclens takes up the fight against the "Grunge Syndrome". Improving the water quality of animals is a well recognised method of improving production (eggs or young).... (More info - click picture)

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