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*NEW* The Chicken Health Handbook 2nd Edition

The Chicken Health Handbook 2nd Edition / Gail Damerow. If you keep chickens and only buy one book this should be it! Whether you keep half a dozen or 500 fowls this book is written in language that can be understood by the layperson.


Storeys Illustrated Guide To Poultry Breeds

Storeys Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds / Carol Ekarius. Presents more than 128 fowl from chickens & turkeys to emus & pheasants. Readers will find color photographs, a brief history and a detailed description. Identifying characteristics included are


Backyard Chicken Bible Book

Whether you want two chickens or two hundred, this manual will guide you along your journey to successfully raising chickens. Growing a backyard chicken flock is an investment, and one of the most important factors in ... (More info - click picture)


A guide to pheasants & waterfowl

A guide to pheasants & waterfowl : their management care & breeding / Danny Brown This book covers the management, care, health, and breeding of Waterfowl and Pheasants. An authoritive book written by a fancier who completed a Bachelor of Science degree w


Backyard Chickens - Coops & Tractors

Backyard chickens' : guide to coops and tractors. Offers plans and photos for 16 custom coops and tractors (portable designs) built by real chicken owners.