About Us

Col (AKA The Gnome) & Debbie McCall took over ownership 28/10/11 of Planet Poultry.  We have over 35 years experience in successfully breeding and showing fowls.  Our endeavour will be to provide an excellent service, assistance wherever possible and to provide a wide range of products from the budget to the more expensive. 

We are a small family owned Australian business located in the Fraser Coast region of South East Queensland. We operate our business from a small acreage which is dedicated to trying to achieve sustainable living.  On our 40 acres, we keep Lowline cattle which have a beautiful nature and are ideal for small acreage.  We keep a couple of pigs, these provide us with beautiful pork, ham and bacon all year round.  We keep half a dozen sheep, Guinea Fowls, Roman Crested Geese, Ducks, Game Fowl - large and bantam Old English Game, large and bantam Modern Game, large and bantam Indian Game and Pit Game bantams.  Every year we keep a different softfeather breed.   All fowl that don't make the grade as an exhibition fowl make excellent dinners!!  We keep pigeons that give us beautiful squab for the table.    We also keep a few parrots and finches as well as some pets, 3 dogs and a cat.  We are very fortunate to have a wide range of fauna visiting our property throughout the year.  We have 50-60 black cockatoos which help us harvest our 400 Macadamia trees each year.

With so many years of experience in poultry breeding, we decided it was time to share our knowledge and experiences, good and bad, to help others avoid some of the mistakes we have made and to make a positive addition to people's lives by adding fowls to it.

We currently breed, exhibit and judge poultry throughout Australia and have had many years of success. It is our aim to make keeping fowls an experience that is accessible to everyone, whether it's a few chickens in your backyard or breeding and exhibiting show fowl.

To be involved in a business that includes your passion is certainly a privilege, and it is our aim to hopefully pass on some of this passion and to help you in all of your poultry needs.

Keeping fowls is not a matter of life or death... It is more serious than that :)