Backyard Poultry

Free-range chicken gardens : how to create a beaut

Presents advice for keeping chickens in the garden, discussing such topics as housing, garden design, landscaping, fencing, plant choices, and predator control.


The New Rules of the Roost : Organic care & fe

The new rules of the roost : organic care & feeding for the family flock / Robert and Hannah Litt. Give your chickens a leg up. From backyard chicken specialists Robert and Hannah Litt comes this info-packed manual that goes beyond the basics.


Keep Chickens!

Keep chickens! : tending small flocks in cities, suburbs, and other small spaces / Barbara Kilarski. If you find yourself reading up on fancy breeds of chickens, if you've taken to sketching coop designs on cocktail napkins, then you're ready to join the


Storey's guide to raising chickens 4th Edition

Whether you re raising a few backyard chickens or a flock of 100, this is the book you need to keep your birds healthy and safe. With the most up-to-date information on shelter, food, eggs, chicks, health care, and meat, this time-tested authority can hel


Storeys Guide to Raising Poultry 4th Ed.

Storeys Guide to Raising Poultry 4th Ed. / Glenn Drowns. One of the only books you need to naturally and humanely raise a wide range of poultry, from chickens and turkeys to waterfowl and game birds -- even uncommon species, such as pigeons, emus, doves,


Hentopia : create a hassle-free habitat for happy

More eggs, less work! And more enjoyment for both the chickens and their keeper! That's the promise of Frank Hyman's Hentopia.