Keeping Backyard Poultry

How to handle chickens

Chickens like any animal require some care when handling, whether it be in transporting or just in picking up to carry or pat.

In transporting most important is to provide proper ventilation as you would be surprised as the amount of heat generated once you put a few chickens in a box. Provide enough space for birds to have some chance of changing position so not to be uncomfortable during journey, most chickens are very good travelers and will happily sit during any car journey.

If you're wanting to catch your chickens, our best advice is slow movement as any fast action of chasing will scare your birds and make it i...

Keeping chickens healthy is in most part up to the effort and care provided by the keeper. The basic practice of a clean, dry environment with quality feed and fresh clean water should be followed closely. We cannot stress enough the importance of clean water, if you wouldn't drink it, why would they? Change it!!!

Your chickens will require periodic worming (at least every three months)and a number of different options are available for this. The herbal wormer we use has no witholding period (you do not have to stop eating the eggs for a period after treatment), unlike some of the other worming medications. We also suggest adding a bit of garlic to their feed once a week, which ...

As you will discover chooks are very friendly, low maintenance pets who like most creatures, only require the basics: water, food and shelter.


Lot's of fresh, clean water is without a doubt the most important thing you can give to your chooks!

It takes a lot of water to produce eggs and your chooks will sip regularly throughout the day.

Fill up your Planet Poultry drinker and your chooks will have enough water for few days. It's OK to leave if you are away for the weekend, but it is much better to re-fresh water daily as it can get quite dirty.

To re-fresh water quickly tip out the dirty water in the bottom tray of...

Keeping your chickens happy and healthy can be strongly connected to how you decide to house them.

Chickens require dry conditions with the opportunity to seek refuge from the wind and rain, a must. Many illnesses in poultry are brought about by chickens housed in damp, dirty conditions. It is also vitally important you do not over crowd your coop space with too many birds, as this stress can bring on many ailments.

If you are handy and have the time to build your own pen it is essential to have some sort of enclosure which is waterproof. This will give your chooks protection from the harsh elements. Within this area you need to provide a nesting box of some sort for y...

There are so many reasons to be keeping chickens in your backyard:

  • Fresh organic eggs daily
  • Another step closer to sustainable living
  • The only environmentally sustainable pets that can turn waste into food
  • Great pets for everyone from kids to the elderly
  • Great for the control of insect and weeds

... You would be mad not to keep chickens.

The only pet that gives you food each day in exchange for your love and care. Chickens are actually very low maintenance pets that provide not only eggs but hours of joy for kids and adults alike.

Many people tell us how they drift...

When starting in any new venture, definitions and terminology can be very daunting and confusing.  In an endeavour to assist we have provided the following basic meanings to terms you may come across.  These terms are general and not definitive. 


There are 50 recognised breeds of fowls in the Australian Poultry Standards.

A one day old chicken.

A baby chicken.

A term generally used to describe female poultry.