As you will discover chooks are very friendly, low maintenance pets who like most creatures, only require the basics: water, food and shelter.


Lot's of fresh, clean water is without a doubt the most important thing you can give to your chooks!

It takes a lot of water to produce eggs and your chooks will sip regularly throughout the day.

Fill up your Planet Poultry drinker and your chooks will have enough water for few days. It's OK to leave if you are away for the weekend, but it is much better to re-fresh water daily as it can get quite dirty.

To re-fresh water quickly tip out the dirty water in the bottom tray of the drinker, fresh water will then run into it. This can be done easily without having to completely empty and re-fill the drinker every day.


To ensure your chooks are getting all essential vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and keep laying fresh, nutritious eggs, a regular diet of a good quality Layer Mash is recommended.

On average chooks will eat about 125g of feed a day and it is preferable to feed them daily.

It is OK to fill your Planet Poultry feeder to last for a few days if you are going to be away, but the sheer anticipation and excitement displayed by your chooks at feed time is enough to make you want to connect with them regularly.

Of course you will want to supplement this feed with your kitchen scraps, which are then magically recycled into the perfect compost for your vegie garden. Try to avoid citrus peel and meat in your scraps.


A clean, dry and secure pen is the perfect home for your brood.
Best located in the shadiest location possible.