How to handle chickens

Chickens like any animal require some care when handling, whether it be in transporting or just in picking up to carry or pat.

In transporting most important is to provide proper ventilation as you would be surprised as the amount of heat generated once you put a few chickens in a box. Provide enough space for birds to have some chance of changing position so not to be uncomfortable during journey, most chickens are very good travelers and will happily sit during any car journey.

If you're wanting to catch your chickens, our best advice is slow movement as any fast action of chasing will scare your birds and make it impossible. A food offering is often a good alternative for bringing in those hard to catch chickens. In most cases your chickens will become quite used to you and will have no problem with you picking them up. The best way to hold a chicken is to have one hand holding the legs whilst the other hand supports the chicken's breast. The chicken will soon relax once you're holding its legs. The more often you do this, the quieter your chicken will become as the level of trust is established.