Keeping chickens healthy is in most part up to the effort and care provided by the keeper. The basic practice of a clean, dry environment with quality feed and fresh clean water should be followed closely. We cannot stress enough the importance of clean water, if you wouldn't drink it, why would they? Change it!!!

Your chickens will require periodic worming (at least every three months)and a number of different options are available for this. The herbal wormer we use has no witholding period (you do not have to stop eating the eggs for a period after treatment), unlike some of the other worming medications. We also suggest adding a bit of garlic to their feed once a week, which will help in preventing worm infestation.

It is important to allow your birds the opportunity to dust bath themselves. This is something chickens like to carry out and it helps to control lice problems. If your birds are unable to free range from their coop, you can add a tray of sand to the coop to allow them this luxury. Lice control is important and periodic inspection of your flock a must. Most lice infestation can be found around your chickens ventral (bum) area. If lice are discovered, you need to treat your chooks immediately with a lice control (see Planet Poultry store) and to treat the coop with either lime or some other treatment to prevent re-infestation.

Avoid allowing your flock contact with wild birds as these birds can often be carriers of disease causing possible fatal harm to your flock.

Your chickens comb colour is a very good indicator to its state of health. With a rich red comb a sign of good health and a pale purple comb a sign of ill health. A lack of thrift, ruffled head or body feathers and drooping wings are all signs of sickness.

We suggest purchasing chickens that have been vaccinated for Mareks Disease.