Why Keep Chickens

There are so many reasons to be keeping chickens in your backyard:

  • Fresh organic eggs daily
  • Another step closer to sustainable living
  • The only environmentally sustainable pets that can turn waste into food
  • Great pets for everyone from kids to the elderly
  • Great for the control of insect and weeds

... You would be mad not to keep chickens.

The only pet that gives you food each day in exchange for your love and care. Chickens are actually very low maintenance pets that provide not only eggs but hours of joy for kids and adults alike.

Many people tell us how they drift off into another world (to another Planet!!) watching their chickens go about their business. Chickens put a calming reality into a world that has become far too fast paced. It's easy to lose sight of life's real treasures, but keeping chickens in your backyard, as many people have all over the world for thousands of years, before us, is one of those simple pleasures.

Chickens require very little space and live as happily in the city backyard as the country. Until quite recently it was considered the norm to keep a few hens in your backyard and just about every council in Australia still allow residents to keep a few hens in the backyard.

Imagine the joy and satisfaction of collecting your own eggs or breeding your own chicks, it's often the most simple things in life which are the most rewarding.