Indian Game

Other Names: Cornish

Type: Large

Colours: Dark, Jubilee, Blue Laced

The Indian Game, known as the Cornish in the United States, is an English bird originating from the country of Cornwall. Indian Game chickens, as well as crosses derived from this breed are some of the most-used breed in the table chicken industry. They are heavy, muscular birds with poor egg productivity.

The Indian Game is dark blue - green in colour, with brown patterning on the hens. In the US, there are two varieties of this breed, known as the Cornish Game and the Jubilee Cornish Game.  The Jubilee Cornish Game are much lighter, and less stocky than their counterparts. They are usually light wheaten in colour, with light brown patterning. The Indian game is sometimes called the bulldog among chickens. The breed was initially developed as a fighting bird by crossing the Asian game breeds with the old English Game Hen. However, the resulting bird was more of a meat bird than a game bird. The Cornish is available in a number of colours and is popular as a show bird. They are however prone to poor leg form due to their widely spaced hips.

Standard colours for this bird are Dark, Jubilee and Blue laced. The plumage on the females gives a very elegant look. The feathers are hard, close and double laced. The Indian Game male does not have the lacing but a beetle green shine on his back feathers. The females are well laced. The Blue laced vareity is the most attractive of the three. It Blue lacing replacing the black of the Dark variety. Over the breastbone there usually is an area with no feathers. The eyes are pale red or pearl. The earlobes are red and the legs are orange or yellow.

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