New Hampshire

Type: Large

Colours: Light Brown

The New Hampshire is another breed from the United States and has its ancestral roots in the well known Rhode Island Red. It is a relatively new breed (admitted to the United States Standard in 1935) derived from judicious selection of characteristics of early maturity, vigour, rapid feathering and egg productivity from the original Rhode Island Reds. They serve as a dual purpose chicken although serving more as a meat bird than for egg production.

The New Hampshire comes in the one colour of red, although a lighter shade than the Rhode Island Red. It’s skin colour is yellow and eggs are a light brown. They have a deep, broad body, are prone to broodiness and make good mothers. It has a single comb of medium to large size, often flopping over to one side.

As a pet bird, they can be docile with plenty of handling, although their breed characteristics suggest them to be competitive and aggressive.

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