Type: Bantam, Large

Colours: Speckled, Light, Buff, Red, Silver

Originating in Sussex, England about 200 years ago, the Light Sussex comes in several varieties: Speckled, Light, Buff, Red, and Silver. Although the specked variety is the oldest, the light variety is the most popular. The eyes should be red in the darker varieties but orange in the lighter one and they sport a medium sized, single, erect comb. The earlobes are red and the legs and skin white in every variety. Cocks should weigh approximately 4 kg, and the hens 3.1 kg. The Brown and red varieties are rare but the others are more common.

Today they are a popular breed for exhibitions as well as the backyard breeder. The breed has made a huge contribution to the poultry industry and is one of the oldest breeds of chicken that still exists today.

These chickens are extremely hardy and adapt well to very cold climates. They are quite friendly, alert and gentle and do not mind being held. They adapt well to any surrounding and are comfortable in both free range or confined spaces. Sussex chickens are a great breed for children to raise and although noted for their high food consumption, are a productive addition to the backyard flock with their high egg productivity in the region of 240 to 260 eggs a year. Their eggs are an off-white to light brown colour and medium to large in size. They do have a tendency to go broody, in particular the speckled version.

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