Showing Poultry

How to Begin Showing

So you have got yourself some nice looking fowl and you would like to begin exhibiting. What seems like such a daunting thing to do is actually very straight forward once you know how.

The first thing you need to do is make contact with your nearest poultry club and become a member, by doing this you will be on the mailing list for all your local up coming shows.

So once you have made the decision as to when will be your first show you must lodge your entry and make note of the time you are expected to have your birds at the show, it is also a wise idea at this stage to note down a copy for yourself of your entries.


Ever wondered why the same old names keep appearing on the champion cards at the shows? The reason being in most cases these people are very good showmen and take time to prepare a fowl for exhibition. Apart from stating the obvious that you need quality stock to start with, the little extra efforts can often mean the difference between a champion card or a place getters card. It can be said show preparation begins the day the chicken hatches, it is sometimes hard to understand that people will go to all the trouble of care and nurturing a fowl to show time, only to fail to present it in pristine condition.

Getting a bird ready for show requires a number of steps which I will tr...