How to Begin Showing

So you have got yourself some nice looking fowl and you would like to begin exhibiting. What seems like such a daunting thing to do is actually very straight forward once you know how.

The first thing you need to do is make contact with your nearest poultry club and become a member, by doing this you will be on the mailing list for all your local up coming shows.

So once you have made the decision as to when will be your first show you must lodge your entry and make note of the time you are expected to have your birds at the show, it is also a wise idea at this stage to note down a copy for yourself of your entries.

On show day you will need to see the show manager upon your arrival who will give you a list of your allocated pen numbers for your birds. Your pens will be supplied with fresh sawdust and sometimes drinkers, however it is a good practice to bring along your own drinkers. You should not, if using your own drinkers, place them in pens until after judging is complete as this may be viewed as cheating by marking your pens. You should also remove any leg-bands from your birds before showing for the same above reason. You may however feed your birds after penning and this is often a good method of settling your birds.

Once judging has begun you may watch and observe however you cannot touch your birds. You must not ask questions about your birds with the judge until all judging is completed and then it is fine to get the judges opinion on your birds. It should be noted that whilst listening to your judges opinion it is only the opinion of one person, so ensure you ask any experienced fellow exhibitors their opinion of your birds also.

You will only be allowed to remove your birds after the designated un-penning time, which would usually be 4pm for single day shows. At this point, it is advisable to have a copy of your penning list with you to avoid taking the wrong bird home with you. It is surprising how often the wrong bird is taken by accident.

Just remember during the day at the show it is not all about winning, treat it as a great social outing and a place to share a few laughs with some like minded enthusiasts, winning is just a bonus. This attitude will bring years of joy to your chosen fancy.